Artificial intelligence in ultrasound images

The Future of Prenatal Ultrasound is Being Built with Sonio’s Artificial Intelligence¹

Latest technologies – including AI – designed by clinicians, for clinicians, to significantly improve pregnancy care.

“Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists were at the genesis of Sonio adventure. As members of our Scientific Advisory Board, they share their highest standards from the field with us.

Our data scientists are researchers from École Polytechnique. We have been building diverse types of AI – deep learning and probabilistic clinical decision support tool – to take up the challenges of our SAB.

Our common goal is to build a software, enhanced by AI, to empower prenatal ultrasound practitioners around the world.”

Rémi Besson

Rémi Besson

CSO and co-founder at Sonio

Our AI ethics values

Augment ultrasound practitioners expertise

At Sonio, we believe AI should empower healthcare professionals, to make them irreplaceable.

Data and insights belong to the practitioners

We believe that data policies should be fair and prioritize openness to improve the care for every patient, not a few elites.

Transparent and explainable technology

We take great care about our AI systems robustness, reducing training biases as much as possible with rigorous performance assessment.

Based on the collection of authentic ultrasounds

Sonio has collected a large and unique set of non sorted real-life ultrasound images and clips to design and train its AI models (Sonio Detect and projects under development).


Scan images


Ultrasound clips


Prenatal examinations



Deep learning AI

Sonio Detect is only available in the USA. It has received FDA 510(k) clearance using 17k not sorted and so real-life scan images which are far from being optimal.

Using Sonio Detect, ultrasound teams improve quality control of ultrasound exams whilst ensuring improved efficiency overall. They can in real-time and automatically:

  • Detect views and anatomical structures within supported views
  • Verify quality criteria of the supported views
  • Quickly and efficiently detect presence of heart and brain structures
  • Meet other important fetal imaging quality criteria
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Contribute to Revolutionize Prenatal Ultrasound with AI

Join our clinical program and help us build AI based on ultrasound images coming from as many countries, manufacturers or any different setting as possible.

A robust trusted-Artificial Intelligence

Sonio analyses the data from various critical sources: medical history and risk factors, and ultrasound images. Their aggregation with Sonio’s AI empowers ultrasound physicians to improve and streamline the prenatal screening.

Reliable AI for every patient

Sonio Detect is robust and reliable for every patient, regardless of:

  1. High BMI (which can affect image resolution)
  2. Maternal age
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Ultrasound machine devices within scope of 510K FDA clearance
Pregnant woman with ultrasound practitioners

Sonio Detect is FDA 510(k) cleared

Our data scientists have ensured that our algorithms provide accurate feedback on ultrasound examination quality. Sonio Detect proved its performance – with a FDA 510(k) clearance – on:

  • A reliable ability to recognize fetal ultrasound views: it detects T1 views with 94% sensitivity and T2/T3 views with 92% sensitivity
  • A reliable ability to recognize fetal ultrasound structures: it detects brain structures with 86% sensitivity and 96% specificity, as well as heart structures with 90% sensitivity and 98% specificity
prenatal ultrasound Artificial intelligence

“I want a software that automatically extracts the mandatory ultrasound planes. The issue of current AI softwares on the market is that they only work when the exam conditions are optimal.”


APHP Hospital, Paris

Ready to unleash the power of AI to fetal ultrasound?

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