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AI-Powered Prenatal Ultrasound Reporting and Image Management

The solution that addresses efficiency challenges in prenatal ultrasound by blending workflow, and clinical outcomes, in one integrated Cloud platform.

Designed for efficiency across the continuum of care 

Sonio platform transforms ultrasound reporting and image Management. The innovative cloud-based, AI-powered solution, is designed to simplify and streamline ultrasound workflows, while ensuring quality assurance and clinical outcomes for patients.

Simplified patient journey

Have patients fill out medical history on the secure Patient App. Then, the sonographer can:

  • See the most important patient information at first glance, customized for their practice
  • Focus on the important points to better prepare the examination
  • Access patient’s entire medical history across sites
  • Leverage dynamic protocols based on the patient’s medical history
Complete history of patient pathway

Sonio’s AI, clinical excellence across your organization

Sonio Detect leverages AI to streamline ultrasound workflow, from exam performance, to review process, securing quality assurance, operational efficiency and clinical excellence for all patients. The sonographer makes sure that quality standards are met in real-time:

  • Ensure all images have been captured
  • Receive real-time feedback on image quality during an exam
  • Extract images from clips
  • Label views and order them for readers
  • Share clips and images with patients instantly
Quality criterias

Integrated, automated, billing and reporting 

Sonio’s AI-enhanced reporting solution addresses workflow challenges by integrating disparate process steps into one end-to-end platform. Our secure cloud platform enables seamless integration with electronic health record (EHR), billing system, and picture archiving and communication system (PACS), while providing AI-enabled viewing and reporting. Empower readers to focus on patient care. With Sonio, they can easily:

  • Access a dashboard with prioritized list of exams to review
  • Review pre-filled report in real-time
  • Ask sonographers for additional views live
  • Include data from DICOM into reports automatically during scan
  • Take advantage of existing integrations (auto populated CPT and ICD-10 codes for billing, EMR, IMO…)
  • Read remotely anytime
Dashboard of exams

Sonio Dashboards: Informed decision making, Effective team management

Sonio’s dashboard and reporting feature empowers your Women’s Health management team with insightful analytics to make informed decisions. With Sonio, the Women’s Health management team can easily:

  • Onboard recruits on their protocols and quality expectations
  • Customize dashboards based on physician preferences, reduce low-value tasks
  • Identify areas for improvement to establish personalized training plans
  • Evaluate performance across sites and standardize best practices
  • Encourage collaboration across teams
Review of template of ultrasound exams

State-of-the-art technology for obstetrics reporting

Sonio’s technology enables users to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and integrates seamlessly with the clinical workflow while protecting patient privacy. With Sonio, your IT team is able to:

  • Provide easy-to-use secured solution (HIPAA, HDS, SOC2…)
  • Deploy flexible infrastructure (Sonio Cloud, private Cloud or on premise)
  • Easily install, customize, integrate and centralize access rights
  • Take advantage of stable, scalable architecture to reduce maintenance costs
  • Deliver the golden standard in reporting and practice management to their Women’s Health and management teams

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