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Scientific Advisory Board

Collaborating with leading experts across the globe to infuse prenatal clinical excellence at the core of Sonio.

“Our Scientific Advisory Board members are luminaries in the fields of medicine, technology, and innovation. Aligned with our vision of universal prenatal care, their guidance shapes our groundbreaking solutions, ensuring that every innovation is backed by rigorous science and a passion for transforming lives.

Their collective expertise ensures that Sonio’s products meet the highest standards of medical accuracy, safety, and efficacy.”

Celia Amabile

Celia Amabile

Head of Clinical Affairs

Sonio’s SAB permanent members

Intersection of Medicine and Mathematics

Our scientific advisory board’s permanent members are fetal medicine and mathematics experts. They enhance the clinical value of our solutions.

Sonio’s SAB other members

Clinical Excellence Through Global Perspectives

Our prestigious members are from different parts of the world. They are dedicated to promoting inclusivity and enhancing maternal and children’s care on a global scale.

Leaders with a Passion for Improving Maternal Health

Sonio’s founding team brings decades of scientific, strategic and technical experience to Women’s Health innovation.

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Join Hands in Shaping the Future of Maternal and Children’s Healthcare Worldwide

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