About Sonio

Give access to high-quality prenatal care all around the world

On a mission to unite technology and clinical expertise, and enable healthcare practitioners across the globe to deliver quality prenatal care.

Transform Women’s and Children’s Health Globally

Birth defects affect 1 in 331 babies born in Europe and in the US. In 50% of these cases, the defects had not been detected during the ultrasound, highlighting how complex fetal medicine can be.

Sonio is on a mission to improve maternal and children’s health. We promote access and quality of care through technological innovation, medical expertise, and collective intelligence.

We are a purpose-driven company

Our vision goes beyond business – it’s about making a meaningful impact in healthcare. We are working to bring this impact through technology acumen, medical expertise, and innovative strategies. We are taking impactful steps forward guided by the PACTE law of 2019.

Pioneer Healthcare Advancements

Put advanced technology at the service of medical performance

Enrich the medical community continuously

Contribute to a more compassionate approach to healthcare through a platform

Improve diagnostic pathways and outcomes for pregnant women

Invest in the solution development to improve women’s health

Offer structured, anonymized, and unrestricted data to facilitate public medical research

Facilitate access to high-quality care for pregnant women, regardless of their location

Pave the way for revolutionizing prenatal care

APRIL 2020

Sonio was founded

May 2020

First Office in Paris

May 2021

Sonio Diagnostics was CE-marked

June 2022

Sonio Raised €5M

September 2022

First Office in the USA

January 2023

Sonio secured €10M with EIC Accelerator

June 2023

Sonio Diagnostics V2 got CE-MDR mark

July 2023

Sonio raised €13M in Series A funding

July 2023

Sonio raised €13M in Series A funding

Sonio team

Meet the Team Behind the Maternal Health Revolution

We are a dynamic and culturally diverse team, bound by a shared vision to elevate the quality of prenatal care for women across the globe. Our collective mission drives us to bridge gaps, improve access, and bring positive change to women’s lives.

Expand our Impact Through Collaborative Partnerships

With a shared dedication to making a difference in maternal health, we collaborate to extend our impact to every corner of the world. This united front drives us to become the gold standard in augmented maternal and prenatal medicine. 

Map of our partnerships

Our distribution partners

  1. India – Mfine Diagnostics
  2. Brazil – Manager Systems
  3. Nigeria – Dynamic Medical Engineering
  4. Portugal – Astrimed

Our investors

Nurture our growth and support our mission

Sonio is backed by Elaia, Bpifrance, OneRagtime, the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund and CBIV.

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Ready to see how Sonio facilitates access to high-quality prenatal care all around the world?