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For Sonographers

Designed to ensure the best care for your pregnant patients

Receive real-time feedback from your readers and AI1. Provide high-quality images in a standardised order, simplifying the reader’s review process. Improve your skills.

1 Clinical AI capabilities are part of FDA 510(k) cleared Sonio Detect.

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With Sonio

Simplified pregnant patient examination

Enhance the patient experience

Never overlook implications of patient risk factors with Sonio’s dynamic protocols.

Instantly share treasured ultrasound images through secure QR codes and secure, access protected links.

Patient who looking her ultrasound images

Perform best-in-class prenatal exams

Leverage real-time access to clinical expertise to perform high-quality, comprehensive exams – every patient, every time.

Auto-extract clips from cine-loops without countless hours of trackball scrolling2.

2Internal study

Automatic extraction of images from clips

Streamline your collaboration with readers

Get real-time feedback from your readers without leaving the bedside.

Standardize order of image capture through use of auto-populating protocols.

Reader reviewing an exam

Mask group

Eliminate friction

Focus solely on high-quality patient care

  • Track and organize images effortlessly during the exam with Sonio’s smart protocols
  • Capture clear, accurate images with Sonio’s quality assurance
  • Complete comprehensive exam faster with Sonio’s step-by-step guidance
  • Alert MDs to most urgent cases with Sonio’s prioritized reader dashboard
  • Transfer patient between systems data seamlessly with Sonio’s robust integration capabilities

“Sonio made it easy to share the ultrasounds with my patients! I don’t need to buy USB sticks or to reprint them anymore. My patients simply scan the QR code and instantly receive the images and clips I have selected. Then they can access them anytime and anywhere.”


Pierre-Antoine Migeon


Sonio fits sonographers with any practice setting


Improve clinical outcomes, operational efficiency, and your patient satisfaction.

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Private Practices

Deliver the best standard of quality care and simplify your administrative and IT tasks.

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Academic Centers

Foster innovation, collaboration, and excellence in your ultrasound practice.

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Community Centers

Increase quality, impact, and capacity of your ultrasound care.

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