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Information Security and Medical Device Regulations

“We develop and deliver medical devices. Our software – powered by artificial intelligence, is designed to be safe, effective, and secure for our customers and patients. We care deeply about protecting health information.”

Florian Akpakpa

Florian Akpakpa

Head of RAQA and Privacy Compliance Officer at Sonio

Sonio and Global Medical Device Regulations

United States of America

  • Sonio Detect is US FDA 510(k) cleared. Sonio Detect is intended to analyze fetal ultrasound images and clips using machine learning techniques to automatically detect views, detect anatomical structures within the views and verify quality criteria of the views. The device is intended for use as a concurrent reading aid during the acquisition and interpretation of fetal ultrasound images. The 510(k) summary is publicly available here in FDA’s database.
  • Sonio Pro is US class I medical device and a “medical image communication device”. Sonio Pro is intended to help Healthcare Practitioners to make sure US screening exams are well performed.

European Union (EU)

  • Sonio Detect is class IIa medical device according to the EU medical device regulation 2017/745. Sonio Detect CE mark certification is ongoing.
  • Sonio Pro is not a medical device in EU. Sonio Pro is intended to help Healthcare Practitioners to make sure ultrasound screening exams are well performed.

Other Geographies

We proudly comply with the highest security and data protection standards


HIPAA privacy and security requirements


European Union General Data Protection Regulation


Using only cloud providers and services HDS certified

ISO 13485

Certified quality management system


Type 1 compliant


Isolated multi-region deployments so data never leaves your region (EU, US, etc)


Data encryption at rest and in transit

Web Application Firewall and intrusion detection

Zero-trust security mechanisms for internal infrastructure and data access

Flexible deployments – on Cloud-based, on Premise, or Virtual Private-Cloud.

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