Sonio raises $14M to revolutionize prenatal care all around the world


We are thrilled to share that Sonio has successfully completed its series A funding round, raising $14 million. This significant milestone marks a pivotal step in our mission to revolutionize maternal and children’s health by promoting access and quality of care through technological innovation, medical expertise, and collective intelligence.

Our journey began with the initial commitment from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Fund in December, and we are incredibly grateful for their belief in our vision. We are proud to announce that the series A funding round was led by Cross Border Impact Ventures, a North American impact fund dedicated to the health of women and children. We are also honored to have been supported again by Elaia, Bpifrance French Tech Seed, OneRagtime, and a group of highly active business angels, including Dominique Gaillard, Alain Decombe, and Yann Fleureau, who have been instrumental in our growth, renewing their trust in Sonio.

We have developed the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that is machine agnostic and interoperable, to automate ultrasound reporting, while providing image quality control and soon detection of potential anomalies.

This significant investment will propel Sonio’s mission to revolutionize the field of prenatal health and will enable us to: 

  1. Initiate our commercial development in the United States
  2. Accelerate R&D on image recognition and genomics to secure our competitive edge
  3. Adapt our innovative technology for portable ultrasound devices and Point of Care

“Sonio has created an innovative platform that empowers fetal ultrasound technology, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of fetal medicine specialists. Additionally, it aims to bridge the increasing shortage of specialized healthcare workers worldwide. We take pride in leading this significant round of financing, as it contributes to the early growth of this venture.”

Annie Theriault

Annie Thériault

Managing Partner at Cross-Border Impact Ventures

As part of our commitment to providing quality care to all pregnant individuals and children, regardless of their geographical location or economic background, we are dedicated to addressing the critical issue of maternal mortality rates, particularly in underserved regions. In 2020, approximately 70% of the recorded maternal deaths occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. We recognize the potential of our technology to tackle this issue by equipping manufacturers with portable ultrasound scanners worldwide, enabling healthcare professionals to perform ultrasounds to the highest validated standards.

Cécile Brosset, our CEO and co-founder, expressed her gratitude for the support received and acknowledged the collective effort behind Sonio’s success.

“This lifting is a pivotal step in the development of Sonio. By supporting our technological and commercial growth, it makes it possible to achieve our mission. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a team of deeply committed experts, and I would like to thank them. Our board of directors is today in the image of Sonio, inscribed in the diversity of men and women, international, and in search of a model of both impact and growth. In a financing universe largely dominated by men, I am delighted to have found partners so aligned with our ambitions and who understood and valued Sonio’s mission as well as its strategy and rapid execution capacity.”

Cécile Brosset

Cécile Brosset

CEO and co-founder at Sonio

We would like to thank our esteemed clinical partners, dedicated distributors, and loyal clients for their invaluable involvement in unlocking this remarkable achievement. Their unwavering support, collaboration, and active participation have been instrumental in our journey toward success. 

Additionally, we would like to extend a special appreciation to the remarkable members of the Sonio team. We are incredibly grateful for their outstanding contributions and the crucial role they have played in reaching this milestone. Together, we look forward to continuing our journey, making a positive impact, and achieving even greater milestones in the future.

Mother with her daughter

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