Yinka Oyelese MD at SMFM 2024 Sonio

SMFM Pregnancy Meeting 2024

Enhancing Efficiency and Quality Control in Routine Fetal Ultrasound with AI

Watch the replay of Yinka Oyelese, MD’s talk at SMFM Pregnancy Meeting 2024. Learn about Sonio, the future of prenatal ultrasound, now available in the USA.

Key Insights

  • AI and Machine Learning have the potential to greatly improve efficiency, accuracy, and quality control in your ultrasound unit
  • Image recognition allows extraction of ideal images from clips
  • AI has potential to improve completeness of your scans, limit errors, and will improve quality

Our speaker

Yinka Oyelese, MD

Yinka Oyelese, MD

  • Head of Obstetrics at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Harvard Medical School)
  • Member of Sonio’s Scientific Advisory Board
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