Sonio secures €10M from the European Innovation Council Accelerator


With immense pleasure and gratitude, we are happy to announce that our company secured €10M through the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator. This is a major milestone for our company: it gives us a substantial opportunity to expand our capabilities to secure the health of mothers and children all over the world. 

The EIC Accelerator supports individual small and medium enterprises (SMEs), particularly, startups and spin-out companies to develop and scale up game-changing innovations. Out of the 1092 projects submitted for this cohort, only 78 companies were chosen by the EIC Accelerator for participation. A substantial sum of €2.5M in grants and €7.5M in equity investment was secured with the EIC Accelerator.

This new funding will enable us to further develop our AI-powered platform designed specifically to help fetal medicine practitioners detect and diagnose fetal anomalies accurately and efficiently. Our platform incorporates advanced AI algorithms that can analyze pregnancy ultrasounds to provide insights that can ultimately lead to improved health outcomes for both mother and child.

Along with that, the investment will also allow us to expand into new markets such as the USA, Brazil, and India – an incredible opportunity for us as a startup business allowing us to gain momentum in this sector of fetal medicine. By extending our reach we can ensure that more women and children receive the care they need irrespective of their geographic location.

This investment from the European Innovation Council accelerator is not only an important milestone for our startup but also highlights how important AI technology is becoming within healthcare today – something we are proud to be leading with AI’s power towards improving maternal health globally!

In conclusion, with this €10M investment from the EIC accelerator program we now have the potential capability to:

  • empower fetal medicine professionals
  • create better outcomes for expecting mothers everywhere
  • make an impact on maternal health globally
  • accelerate the development of new features
  • establish ourselves as leaders in AI-powered healthcare solutions – all while making real differences in the healthcare sector.

In conclusion, the €10M investment from the European Innovation Council accelerator is a crucial opportunity for our startup to expand our capabilities, accelerate the development of new features, and establish ourselves as a leader in AI-powered healthcare solutions. Thereby, empowering fetal medicine professionals to improve health outcomes for women and children, and make a real difference in the healthcare sector.

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