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Share fetal ultrasounds easily and securely

Give your patients a priceless souvenir, their images and videos in one click with Sonio Share.

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Three steps to easier prenatal ultrasound sharing

1. Select the ultrasound media

Validate the images and clips to share with your patient. An encrypted QR-Code is generated.

2. Let your patient scan her unique QR-Code

She enters her personal code and instantly receives her ultrasounds. She can quickly send them to her loved ones.

3. Access to the ultrasounds media anytime

Update the shared files with your patients anytime. They are stored on a HDS Cloud.

Deliver beyond your patients’ expectations

Present them with quality images and clips of fetal ultrasounds.



  • Patient quickly receives quality ultrasound images & clips of her fetus
  • Patient easily shares her scans with her loved ones


  • Patients’ email / SMS is not required
  • So, no room for mistakes
Access anywhere


  • Compatible with all smartphones & desktop
  • Access from anywhere

Improve your practice management

Sonio Share is compatible with DICOM. You only need Wi-Fi or 4G to start.

Practitioner share images with her patient
Reduce ultrasounds costs


  • Reduce printing costs
  • No USB stick / CD cost
  • Free & automatic software updates
Analysis of all data


  • Select the images and clips you wish
  • Update the shared files anytime
  • Anonymize ultrasounds


  • 2-year storage included
  • Easy access to your files
  • Archive on secured HDS Cloud based in Europe
Pierre-Antoine Migeon

“Sonio Share made it easy to share the ultrasounds with my patients! I don’t need to buy USB sticks or to reprint them anymore. My patients simply scan the QR code and instantly receive the images and clips I have selected. Then they can access to them anytime and anywhere.

Pierre-Antoine Migeon, Midwife sonographer

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