Our Partnerships with leaders in AI, Clinical, and Industrial groups

Our collaboration with leading experts in Artificial Intelligence

Best of clinical players: Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital the leading center for prenatal medicine

Hôpital Necker

Our industrial partner: Samsung Healthcare

Sonio has established a partnership with Samsung Healthcare to strengthen the development and the innovative character of its Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Samsung Healthcare specializes in diagnostic imaging medical devices, offering an optimal technological solution to healthcare professionals and patients.

Through this collaboration and the creation of a technology ecosystem, the medical imaging experience is enhanced by the clinical analysis and examination security provided by Sonio.  

This partnership will optimize the pathway for pregnant women by ensuring screening and prenatal diagnosis.


Our partners in the world: LifeCell, Manager Systems, Dynamic Medical


Lifecell in India

Established in 2004, LifeCell is a market leader in cord blood banking, prenatal care & newborn segment. LifeCell Diagnostics, a division of LifeCell International, has been a trusted diagnostic service provider in the reproductive health segment since 2012 with a pan-India network of CAP-accredited & NABL-certified labs.

With its recent expansion into other key segments like Transplantation, Oncology, and Infectious Diseases, LifeCell Diagnostics has a comprehensive test menu of 3200+ tests.

Manager Systems in Brazil

Since its creation in 1988, Manager Systems has had great ambitions, such as the mission to see each Medical Clinic in Brazil grow and be profitable. With the evolution of means and devices, the rhythm does not stop: their focus is to deliver quality in the management of medical services to practitioners and patients anywhere in Brazil.

Manager Systems
Dynamic Medical Engineering Company

Dynamic Medical Engineering Company in Nigeria

Dynamic Medical’s mission: improve women’s and children’s health by promoting access and quality of care through technological innovation, medical expertise, and collective intelligence.

Mr. Raymond Okosun, General Manager, is running a laboratory for newborn screening, non-invasive prenatal screening, and maternal and risk assessments in pregnancy.