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Leading Event in Maternal-Fetal Medicine

National Harbor, Maryland
10-14 February, 2024
Booth 713

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AI-Powered Prenatal Ultrasound Reporting and Image Management

Are you attending the opening of SMFM Pregnancy Meetings?

Join the presentation of Yinka Oyelese, MD and meet leading MFMs during our Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet.

Yinka Oyelese MD SMFM Sonio min

Are you joining our Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet?

Meet Yinka Oyelese, MD, leading MFMs and the Sonio Team during our Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet from 6pm to 8pm on the 12th.

Opening SMFM Pregnancy Meeting 2024 cocktail MFM

Are you meeting Sonio’s first customer in the USA?

Meet Alan Fishman, MD, Pediatrix Specialty Medical Officer for Maternal-Fetal Medicine on the 13th at 11 am on our Booth #713

Dr Fishman Pediatrix Sonio SMFM

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