A couple during an ultrasound

Deliver high-quality prenatal examinations

Perform prenatal scans with the highest standards of quality, based the clinical guidelines of your practice, with Sonio AI-powered1 solution.

Empower your prenatal ultrasound team with AI

Ensure the high quality of your prenatal examinations

With Sonio Detect, improve your scanning accuracy:

  • Get live feedback on image quality. Meet the quality criteria defined by your practice, and achieve clinical excellence
  • Automatically associate views based on annotations and the customizable dictionary. Automatically check errors
  • Follow the visual checklist to see what’s next and what’s missing. Complete all your prenatal examinations
  • Automatically extract images from clips
  • Let Sonio Pro fill the report in real-time – customized for your practice
Automatic extraction of images from clips

Streamline the collaboration in your Women’s Health team

Improve the collaboration between prenatal ultrasound practitioners and readers, and gain time with Sonio:

  • Request additional views or feedback from the reader live
  • Have your images automatically sorted for a smoother review
  • Simplify your billing thanks to the auto-populated CPT codes
  • Review scans remotely from any device and location
Reader reviewing an exam

Ready to take your scans to the next level?

Contact us and get started with Sonio to deliver the best care possible:

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