Achieve clinical excellence in prenatal care with AI¹

Optimise your clinical database and support your practice. Sonio is inclusive for all anatomies2 from screening to diagnosis.

Spread best practices across prenatal units

Standardize clinical guidelines across teams

Define each protocol and corresponding rules to homogenise the habits of your practices:

  • Define your own protocols for each type of examination, and set up dynamic views lists
  • Reduce your liability and minimize the risk of claims
  • Ensure consistency of clinical guidelines across your sites
  • Design your own report template with very advanced customizable rules to match with your routines
Ultrasound Report generation review

Improve prenatal diagnosis with AI

Empower your ultrasound experts with Sonio Expert, our AI clinical decision support tool:

  • Combine many risk factors with signs (search among 714) visible on the scan
  • Get the most likely associated signs
  • Check in real-time the probability that the anomaly is isolated or that it is a rare disease, among 422 referenced syndromes
  • Facilitate the preparation of multidisciplinary meetings
Find the good diagnostic with Sonio Expert

Upskill your teams

Enable your Women’s Health management to:

  • Onboard recruits on their protocols and quality expectations
  • Identify areas for improvement for each sonographer or reader
  • Establish personalized training plans for Women’s Health staff
Review of template of ultrasound exams

Deliver the best possible prenatal care

Contact us and see how to improve your patient path regardless of their demographics.

Best pathway for the patient