Sonio Presented AI Innovations in ultrasound reporting at AIUM UltraCon 2024

At AIUM UltraCon 2024, Sonio was thrilled to deliver engaging sessions and connect with attendees. Delve into the highlights of Sonio's presence at the event.


UltraCon 2024, organized by American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), is a gathering of esteemed medical ultrasound professionals, convened at Austin (Texas) from April 6th to 10th, 2024.

Among the event’s highlights, Sonio was part of two insightful sessions:

Abstract Presentation: AI-Powered Automatic Detection of US Fetal Views & Structures

Julie Signeux, Clinical Project Manager at Sonio, presented the “”Performance of an AI Algorithm for Quality Control of Routine Fetal Ultrasound.” This session delved into AI’s role in enhancing quality control processes for routine fetal ultrasound scans. The algorithm aims to streamline workflows while maintaining high standards of accuracy and efficiency.

Panel Discussion: AI Industry Showcase—What’s in the Pipeline

Thomas Jefferson University organized an engaging panel discussion titled “AI Industry Showcase—What’s in the Pipeline” It aimed to:

  • Discuss new tools developed by the industry within the field of ultrasound AI
  • Compare and evaluate products across vendors
  • Communicate wants and needs to industry representatives regarding AI ultrasound products

Nikki Smiley, VP of Key Accounts at Sonio, brought her expertise to this discussion, emphasizing Sonio’s commitment to advancing AI in healthcare. The panel facilitated discussions on new tools developed by industry players within the field of ultrasound AI. They compared products across vendors and communicated their wants and needs to industry representatives which could foster collaboration and help drive innovation.

We sincerely appreciated connecting with you at UltraCon 2024. Your continuous support inspires us to innovate and strive for excellence.

As Sonio eagerly anticipates our upcoming engagements at FMF 2024 in Lisbon (Portugal) and ISUOG 2024 in Budapest (Hungary), we are committed to delivering even more transformative advancements in prenatal care solutions.

As we continue on our journey to revolutionize prenatal care, stay connected with us.

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