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Software to monitor pregnancy ultrasounds

Secure routine examinations and save time

  • Daily companion for a comprehensive, qualitative and structured examination
  • Visualization of risk factors and corresponding sensitive planes
  • Optimized image-sharing and printing

Sonio Screening, a daily companion for prenatal screening

Make the fetal ultrasound secure


The smart checklist assures practitioners in real time that they have not forgotten anything and helps them maintain a high-quality standard at all times.

Analysis of all data

Facteurs de risque

The practitioner’s routine is updated according to the known risk factors. The impacted planes and structures are highlighted.

Streamlined medical journey

Sharing images in real time for a second opinion facilitates collaboration between practitioners.

Reassurance of

Relation privilégiée avec les patientes

With reduced stress and mental workload, the practitioner could focus more on value-added tasks and patient relationships.

Key functionalities

Data security


Smart visual checklist : do not forget anything

Highlighting of scans potentially impacted by known risk factors


1-click printing of mandatory images

Easy sharing of images with practitioners and patients

Quality control

Quality control

Instantly check that the examination is complete

Keep a record of the comprehensiveness of your examination

Sonio Screening fits your workspace

All you need is a Wi-Fi or 4G connection.