Artificial Intelligence software to assist in the diagnosis of fetal anomalies and associated pathological syndromes.

  • Combines all types of risk factors visible during ultrasounds scans
  • Optimizes diagnostic performance
  • Facilitates the preparation of multidisciplinary meetings?

sonio application

Sonio Diagnostics, your companion for prenatal diagnosis


Analysis of all data


Sonio Diagnostics offers a diagnosis based on the patient’s medical history, genetic and biological data, and ultrasound semiology. This combination of data allows the best possible diagnosis to be made.

Optimization and efficiency of diagnosis


In real time, Sonio Diagnostics optimizes the path to diagnosis, and acts as a second medical opinion available to the practitioner during the ultrasound.


Accessible everywhere

As a cloud-hosted Saas solution, Sonio Diagnostics does not require installation. It is accessible at any time, from any search engine, on a tablet or a computer. The advantage of having a 3rd screen in addition to the ultrasound machine screens is that it allows you to see both the ultrasound image and Sonio’s recommendations.

Image independent

Sonio Diagnostics works without machine integration, so it can be installed in record time and used very easily with any ultrasound scanner.


Recognizable syndromes


Recognizable signs


Prenatal diagnosis practitioners have already adopted it

Sonio Diagnostics combines and analyses all the data needed to make a diagnosis

  • Medical history
  • Family history
  • Previous pregnancies
  • Genetic data
  • Biological data
  • Fetal and gynecological ultrasound images
Sonio application - genetic history

With Sonio Diagnostics, the doctor is guided, but remains in control of the course of the examination

  • Set up Sonio according to your practice (on first use)
  • Fill in the medical history to identify risk factors
  • Enter the first abnormality identified during the examination (search among more than 600 signs visible on ultrasound)
  • Sonio automatically suggests the most likely associated signs
  • Check their presence or absence
  • Sonio presents in real time the probability that the anomaly is isolated or that it is a rare disease, among the 300 referenced syndromes

“Sonio Diagnostics relies on a large database of various types of data, including ultrasound (phenotypic), genetic and biological data, and offers to follow an optimised protocol until diagnosis. For the practitioner, using Sonio Diagnostics is like having a second expert opinion in real time, using a navigation system that knows how to manage the almost infinite number of possible combinations of anomalies. Bringing diagnostic value to fetal ultrasound is a real innovation, both technological and medical ”

Rémi Besson, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder Sonio

Sonio Diagnostics fits your workspace

All you need is a Wi-Fi or4G connection.