Community Medical Centers

For Private Clinics & Hospitals

Usher your Perinatal and Obstetrics departments into the next era of prenatal care

Deliver high-quality prenatal care to your patients, regardless of their demographics with Sonio AI-powered solution.

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With Sonio

Let your teams deliver the best prenatal care to their patients

Expand reach of high-quality prenatal care beyond Centers of Excellence

Create standardized protocols with expert-level quality criteria detection to ensure comprehensive exams for every visit.

Access specialist feedback regardless of community setting – urban, suburban or rural.

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Enhance your patients’ satisfaction

Share instantly their ultrasound images and clips to your patient through the secure application.

Enable them to send them to their loved ones and keep a souvenir. Embellish the patient experience.


Enhance your staff’s collaboration abilities

Health Systems

Improve clinical outcomes, operational efficiency, and your patient satisfaction.

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Private Practices

Deliver the best standard of quality care and simplify your administrative and IT tasks.

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Public Hospitals

Foster innovation, collaboration, and excellence in your ultrasound practice.

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Ready to amplify the impact and effectiveness of your ob-gyn units?