Sonographer showing fetal heart on a tablet

Boost your operational efficiency

More time caring, less time juggling multiple screens

Sonio simplifies each step of your pregnant patient journey. Streamline your workflow. Focus on what matters.

Streamline prenatal examinations

Shorten your patient path

Enhance the patient care and their experience with Sonio:

  • Have your patient fill their medical interview online in advance
  • Look at their whole history, early catch the risk factors and deep dive during the preparation
  • Follow the automatically personalised protocol to perform their scan. Ensure that their examination is complete and qualitative. No need to come back
  • Share or print ultrasound images and clips in 1 click
Complete history of patient pathway

Gain time and save costs

Monitor and optimize your Women’s Health team performance:

  • Define personalized training plans for your ultrasound specialists
  • Easily maintain and update Sonio
  • Centralize your tools, and maximize your IT performance
  • Access to Sonio from any device, anytime
2 person talk about a protocol

Give time back to your ultrasound practitioners

Contact us and see how to get more time to focus on your patients while improving your efficiency with Sonio:

Sonographer showing images to a pregnant woman