Sonio partners with LifeCell International Pvt Ltd in India

Sonio's partnership with Lifecell International, India
Sonio’s partnership with LifeCell International, India

Sonio is driven by its mission to improve women’s and children’s health through technological innovation, medical expertise, and collective intelligence. With this association, we are expanding our reach to promote our AI-oriented innovative technology in India, a country experiencing increasing demand for advanced medical solutions. 

Cécile Brosset

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a leading healthcare provider in India to bring our solutions to such a crucial market where 100 babies are born every 2 minutes. It’s our core mission to provide access to quality care to all pregnant women wherever they live, and empower fetal ultrasound practitioners with the best technology and real-time clinical knowledge to help them confidently navigate the complexities of prenatal ultrasounds.”

Cécile Brosset, CEO at Sonio

Furthermore, this partnership will help to improve the accuracy and reliability of pregnancy ultrasound scans. That will eventually lead to better health outcomes for mothers and their babies in India.

“Despite being the most populated country in the world, India has the most private healthcare, which signifies the level of medical advancements in India. We believe that this partnership with SONIO Diagnostics will play a significant role in improving the health of women and children in the country”, says Mayur Abhaya, CEO/Managing Director, LifeCell International Pvt Ltd.

Moreover, he also adds, “This amalgamation of technology and a well-researched medical knowledge base has the potential to transform the fetal medicine discipline remarkably.

The joined forces of two exemplary companies will strive hard to bring the best of technology to the service of prenatal medicine. This will facilitate access to quality care for pregnant women all around the world.

Set up in 2004, LifeCell is a market leader in cord blood banking, prenatal care & newborn segment. LifeCell Diagnostics, a division of Lifecell International, has been a trusted diagnostic service provider in the reproductive health segment since 2012 with a pan-India network of CAP-accredited & NABL-certified labs. With its recent expansion into other key segments like Transplantation, Oncology, and Infectious Diseases, LifeCell Diagnostics has a comprehensive test menu of 3200+ tests. 

LifeCell has also recently partnered with Mfine – a digital health platform, as a part of its expansion journey. Mfine has been a digital health pioneer in India, serving millions of patients during the pandemic with online doctor consultations & at-home diagnostic services. Going forward, LifeCell Diagnostics is transitioning to MFine Diagnostics! Through this transition to MFine Diagnostics, LifeCell aims to become a more accessible & multifaceted healthcare service provider.