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Empower your Women’s Health team to excel in care for expecting patients

Ensure that your prenatal ultrasound staffs perform complete prenatal ultrasound examinations and better diagnose fetal anomalies.

1AI capabilities are brought through our MDR-CE marked Sonio Expert product

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With Sonio

Elevate your prenatal care

Ensure completion of prenatal ultrasound exams, every time

Enable dynamic protocols based on the patient’s history and their risk factors

Empower your sonographers and OB-GYNs to complete prenatal exams more easily with the visual checklist

Tablet with the protocols

Ensure pregnant patient’s satisfaction

Streamline the patient journey through fully integrated systems.

Ensure that all patients have access to real-time clinical expertise.

Share their prenatal ultrasound images and clips instantly.

Sonographer showing images to a pregnant woman

Sonio meets your unique needs for Ultrasound Practitioners

  1. Track and organize images effortlessly during the exam with Sonio’s smart protocols
  2. Capture clear images from clips with Sonio
  3. Complete comprehensive exam faster with Sonio’s step-by-step guidance
  4. Instantly share ultrasound images and clips with patients

Sonio meets your unique needs for Ultrasound Experts

  • Diagnose fetal anomalies
  • Quality assurance of images

“Sonio helps in everyday life to completely record the differential diagnostics for pathological findings and always gives surprising new perspectives. In terms of an intelligent checklist, it increases certainty the security of the right diagnostic.”

Dr. med. Michael Entezami

Dr. med. Michael Entezami

Prenatal Diagnosis Specialist

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